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I did not set out to walk all the way from Astoria to the Freedom Tower on this day but that is what happened. Here are a few photos of a small number of people I saw along the way. Something happened in Tribeca that happened a surprising number of times within a period of a few days. Someone asked me to take their picture, and I demurred. I did not outright refuse to do it, I just acted like I didn’t hear the request. Every single time I wished later that I had done it. in Tribeca it was a yellow cab driver who asked “ARE YOU A PAPPARAZZI? YOU WANNA TAKE MY PICTURE?” I laughed and said no, not realizing until he drove away that I had an opportunity to get what might have been a fabulous, lively shot.

Something that drives me insane about these Elegant Themes is that thumbnail images are not really thumbnails. They are just full size imaged squeezed down using nothing more elegant than HTML, a technique for resizing images that was laughed at in the early days of the WWW but which has become an unfortunate bandwidth-hogging norm. Not only is it bad HTML but it often makes the image look warped, as is the case here.

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